Boundless Remixes (Download MP3)

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After a very exciting 2015 with a lot of gigs and the release of our debut EP “Boundless”, we are very pleased to give your and our early 2016 a little push with the Boundless Remixes.

We managed to get some lovely and very talented people to lay their hands on our songs. Hamburg resident and well known beat-geek B-Ju takes “All Of Me” to a whole other sphere with his futuristic soundscapes and rhythm architecture.
SEPALOT, who has been around forever in the realms of hip-hop, electronic music and everything beyond, sheds a new (strobo-) light on “Faces”. How could someone by the name of KiRRiN iSLAND have picked any other song to remix than “The Sea”? Right! With a rather unusual approach, the remix features Anne Wendlandt on vocals.
To complete this wonderful set of remixers, berlin-based wellnesspunk does what he’s best at – making music for your well-being. Sit back and enjoy!



All Of Me (B-Ju Untergl├╝cklich Remix)
Faces (SEPALOT Remix)
The Sea (KiRRiN iSLAND Remix)
Faces (SEPALOT Remix Instrumental)
The Sea (wellnesspunk Remix)


Release Date: 2016-01-22


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